Piotr Janowski Violin Competition 2011 – 3rd edition

December 11, 2011   |   PROJECTS, COMPETITIONS

The third edition of the Piotr Janowski Violin Competition was held in Grudziądz on 9-10 December 2011.

In my opinion the competition was organized perfectly, with a flourish of generosity and a great attention to detail. First and foremost it needs to be highlighted that the organizers develop the competition very wisely when it comes to its contents and substance.

The jury is composed of university professors who do not only know each other but are also fair judges. I would grant the prizes and awards in exactly the same way as the jury did. It is very important that the competition is by no means compromised by politics. The competition itself is very well organized – the jury is provided with accommodation in a good hotel, with great food and constant care. The participants can count on complete information, efficient competition management office, rooms for practicing and a large selection of hotels in different price ranges.

The competition programmes and banner were very nice. I was truly moved when I saw Piotr’s photo in the programme and the last page devoted to him.

The room was well prepared. It looked good with all the flowers, put even in front of the bust of Piotr. The performances were introduced in a professional manner and the competition was accompanied by an exhibition of instruments and violin accessories. A very serious and professional competition, indeed.

There were 44 participants in three age categories from all over Poland. Future editions of the competition will probably see even more contestants who will be attracted to numerous valuable prizes and awards. Even more so that typically there are no prizes at competitions for children – only diplomas.

Prizes and awards: the organizers purchased violin cases for all the laureates. It was a truly great view, as some children were only a little bigger than the cases they received. Each one of them was different and all of them were very attractive. The municipality of Grudziądz offered its gift bags.

The Special Prize, i.e. Violin Master Class in Busko, was funded by Professor Marcin Baranowski from Poznań (President of the Jury). The Foundation awarded its own Special Prize (also a Violin Master Class) and Honorary Mention gifts (albums with recordings by Piotr Janowski).

A few words about the participants: First of all, all of them played in tune (outstanding!) and in an orderly manner. There were no misunderstandings. The level was unexpectedly high. Of course, you can tell instantly who is truly gifted. The winner in the second group was Agata Misiak (4th grade).

I remember her from my previous visits to Grudziądz. She is not only talented but also has an attractive personality; she is very open, spontaneous, nice and smart. Although by now she has become a star in Grudziądz she is nether vain nor conceited.

An adorable kid. She was awarded with the prize funded by Professor Baranowski. When I gave Agata the albums with Piotr’s recordings she was jumping out of joy. Our prize went to Weronika Bagniewska from Grudziądz who was also a joint winner of the First Award in the third group. Weronika performed a very difficult programme (to play Lalo’s Spanish Symphony in the 6th grade…!), with a great commitment and temperament. I liked her very much at the competition, too. I think it is wonderful that the both girls will be able to benefit from their master classes. Weronika’s teacher was so touched that he had tears in his eyes…

Another Honorary Mention (together with the albums of Piotr’s recordings) was appointed to Alicja Pustula, a very musical girl from Wieliczka.

Unfortunately, I could not listen to all the participants and after the concert of the laureates I would have given a few more awards and prizes. An adorable boy who looked just like Piotr when he was little and a girl from Grudziądz who played a beautiful sound definitely both deserved the prizes from the Foundation. I hope they will get them next time.

Generally, the concert is very good and it looks like it is going to continue to develop. The organizers are considering to extend it into a music festival (ever since Piotr’s death everyone has been trying to convince me to do it). Now I can see its sense and chances for it.

I was personally touched by the tone that everybody uses whenever they say Piotr’s name, by the presence of His photos everywhere and… a showcase with pictures by Paweł Wakarecy, almost a family member. Finally and perhaps most importantly, I was moved to see how deeply and sincerely committed the organizers are to the idea of the competition. You have our gratefulness and admiration!

Joanna Maklakiewicz

Having listened to 42 participants performing in three categories and representing the following schools: PZSM in Bydgoszcz, OSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Bytom, OSM of the 1st degree in Dywity, OSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Gdańsk, SM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Gdynia, PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Inowrocław, PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Kalisz, OSM of the 1st degree in Kraków, PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Olsztyn, PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Ostrołęka, PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Ostrów Wielkopolski, PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Pabianice, POSM of the 1st degree No 1 in Poznań, SM of the 1st degree No 2 in Poznań, SM of the 1st degree in Radziejów, OSM of the 1st degree in Szczecin, ZSM of the 1st degree in Toruń, SM of the 1st degree in Wieliczka, ZSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Włocławek, PSM in Zielona Góra, PSM of the 1st degree in Żywiec, and PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Grudziądz, the jury decided to grant the following prizes, awards and honorary mentions:

Group 1

First Award – Gabriela Balcerek, teacher: Agata Falkiewicz – ZSM in Ostrów Wielkoplski
Second Award – Weronika Hoffmann, teacher: Małgorzata Handke – ZSM in Ostrów Wielkpolski
Third Award – Jakub Rataj, teacher: Tofik Alidżanow – PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Kalisz
Honorary Mention – Hanna Pozorska, teacher: Małgorzata Skorupa – OSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Gdańsk

Group 2

First Award – Agata Misiak, teacher: Tadeusz Linowski – PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Grudziądz
Second Award – Zuzanna Skowron, teacher: Iwona Jasińska – PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Grudziądz
Third Award – Paulina Helena Tomczuk, teacher: Anna Tułasiewicz-Jęczała – PSM in Zielona Góra
Third Award – Alicja Pustuła, teacher: Anna Wójtowicz – SM of the 1st degree in Wieliczka

Group 3

First Award – Weronika Bagniewska, teacher: Piotr Jankowski – PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Grudziądz
First Award – Justyna Grudzień teacher: Hanna Szulc –OSM of the 1st degree in Poznań
Third Award – Stanisław Walkowiak teacher: Małgorzata Szadowiak – PZSM in Bydgoszcz


Agata Misiak, PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Grudziądz

SPECIAL PRIZES of the Piotr Janowski Foundation

Weronika Bagniewska, PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Grudziądz
Alicja Pustuła, SM of the 1st degree in Wieliczka
Agata Misiak, PSM of the 1st and 2nd degree in Grudziądz

Rules of granting the Piotr Janowski Special Prize at the Piotr Janowski Violin Competition in Grudziądz:

1. The Piotr Janowski Special Prize shall be granted by the Board of the Foundation to one of the winners of the Piotr Janowski Violin Competition.

2. The age of the candidate for the Piotr Janowski Special Prize shall not exceed 18 years as of the day of the candidate’s enrolling at the Competition.

3. Granting of the Special Prize shall be confirmed by a Diploma with the Winner’s Name which is handed in by a representative of the Foundation at the end of the Violin Competition.

4. The Special Prize funded by the Foundation shall be as follows: coverage of the costs of “Violin Master Class” organized in Poland, and particularly of a) accommodation costs; b) food/boarding costs; c) Master Class participation fees.

5. The Prize must be used within the year commencing after its granting.

6. The value of the Prize shall not exceed the amount of PLN 1600. If the costs referred to in Point 4 hereinabove turn out to be higher the legal guardian of the Winner of the Special Prize shall decide whether they shall cover the remaining costs or opt for a different Master Class.

7. Zarząd Fundacji wskazuje do wyboru miejsca Skrzypcowego Kursu Mistrzowskiego : – Nowy Sącz; – Janowiec n/Wisłą; – Kołobrzeg.

8. Zdobywca Nagrody Specjalnej dokonuje wyboru miejsca (miasta) i terminu Kursu.

9. Opiekun ustawowy zdobywcy Nagrody Specjalnej zobowiązany jest do poinformowania pisemnie Fundacji o wyborze miejsca i dacie Kursu Skrzypcowego.

10. Informacja o której mowa w pkt.9 musi być zgłoszona do Fundacji do 31 maja roku następującego po otrzymaniu Nagrody Specjalnej. Brak informacji w terminie oznaczać będzie rezygnację z Nagrody Specjalnej.

11. W szczególnych i uzasadnionych przypadkach opiekun ustawowy zdobywcy Nagrody Specjalnej może wskazać inny Kurs Skrzypcowy podając pisemne uzasadnienie. Zarząd Fundacji rozpatrzy propozycję w ciągu 14 dni od daty otrzymania listu.

12. Zarząd Fundacji Imienia Piotra Janowskiego zastrzega sobie prawo do zmiany Regulaminu.
Warsaw, 6 December 2011