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June 16, 2014   |   PROJECTS, CONCERTS, MKiDN

The year 2014, marking the 200th anniversary of Edward Wolff’s birthday, turned out to be a fortunate one in promoting the music of Great Masters. All our actions were carried out under the patronage of the Henryk Wieniawski Music Society in Poznań and with the support of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The goal has been achieved although naturally this is only the beginning of our mission to restore the memory about our great musicians. In result of our efforts, Edward Wolff’s music and Piotr Janowski’s interpretations experience their revival.

Our actions included 11 concerts, presentations of the albums and film, lectures, broadcasting of recordings in the Polish Radio, distribution, dissemination and promotion. It would be hard to count how many people learned about Piotr Janowski’s interpretations or Wolff’s compositions through our actions. We have managed to reach music connoisseurs, music lovers and young people who are not interested in classical music. All of them thanked us in one voice for the opportunity to come into contact with the art of our masters. After each concert we heard the same enthusiastic opinions and general astonishment that such great musicians are not promoted on a regular basis. Also, the formula of the piano recital combined with oral presentations and Piotr Janowski’s recordings was very well received. The concerts ended with a standing ovation, both for the performer, i.e. Joanna Maklakiewicz, and the Great Absent Masters.

“Piotr Janowski was and shall remain a true legend of the violin. Speaking of legendary violinists, Karol Lipiński may be called a seasoned classic and Niccoló Paganini – a stormy romantic. Piotr Janowski seems to have combined the features of them both, supported by the romantic school of the violin play embodied within the authority of Wieniawski.” (Marcin Tadeusz Łukaszewski, PhD Hab., an excerpt from the review “Around The Legend: Piotr Janowski, the violin legend of the legends”, Ruch Muzyczny, June 2014).

“The recording made by Joanna Maklakiewicz restores the music which for many years was closed in libraries and archives waiting for its ‘second youth’. I listened with an utmost interest to this recording which from its very first piece seduced me with its freshness, richness and original ideas. A large part of the credit for this belongs to the music interpreter for whom the era of major and minor romantics becomes her own. Crucial features of this interpretation which need to be pointed out include an excellent piano music, creativity in building up a romantic aura, sophisticated colours, impeccable pedalling, and above all the identification with the works and enthusiasm accompanying their premiere performance. (…)

As it may be concluded on the example of the recording, the history of Polish music is not fully known, and I consider the discovery of this form to be a revelation and I accept it with enthusiasm.” (Prof. Andrzej Pikul, an excerpt from the habilitation review, Kraków, June 13, 2014).

We gave 11 concerts and each one of them was different. Concerts addressed primarily to seniors were held in Płońsk, Zielonka and Mazovian Centre of Culture in Warsaw, while a concert for youth took place in Węgrów. Szczecin, Grudziadz, Mława and Sokołów Podlaski hosted concerts for the general public, while Poznań and Warsaw Music Society – for regular music lovers.

In the meantime, the album “Piotr Janowski. The Legend” was nominated for the 2014 Fryderyk Award of the Polish Phonographic Academy in the category “Album of the Year. Solo Recital” and Joanna Maklakiewicz attained her habilitation degree (i.e. PhD Hab.) for her work on the album “In the Wieniawski’s Circle: Edward Wolff”. “Ruch Muzyczny” and “Gazeta Wyborcza” published their reviews and interviews were presented in the local media. The albums were promoted on a number of occasions in Polish Radio 2. All of this followed by multiple stories delivered by our friends and music lovers personally, via email, Facebook and their websites.

In result of our actions the circle of music lovers interested in Piotr Janowski and Edward Wolff is not only large, but it is growing dynamically.

We would like everybody to join us in our endeavour to promote the albums and the activity of the Piotr Janowski Foundation.

The project was financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

08.05.2014 – Sokołów Podlaski

16.05.2014 – Węgrów

07.06.2014 – Płońsk

11.06.2014 – Mława

18.06.2014 – Zielonka

09.11.2014 – Grudziądz

12.11.2014 – Warszawa

15.11.2014 – Poznań

23.11.2014 – Warszawa

28.11.2014 – Szczecin

29.11.2014 – Szczecin

The project was financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

Pianist Joanna Maklakiewicz graduated from the Gnessin College of Music in Moscow and the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. She comes from a well-known family of musicians and artists. She holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Piano Chamber Music class at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. As a sought-after piano pedagogue Ms. Maklakiewicz devotes her time to teach solo piano at the Fryderyk Chopin State School of Music. As a performer she has offered a variety of programs featuring polish piano music of the 19th century as well as chamber music recitals with the unusually wide repertory spanning four centuries. Her concert tours took her all over Europe, the United States and Japan. She has participated in numerous music festivals in Poland and abroad including Festival of Piano Duets (Lithuania), International Festival of Contemporary Music (Ukraine), Chamber Music Days and Sommersymfoni (Norway). She has also given Piano Master Classes held in Poland, Japan, Norway and Switzerland.

Photos taken during the recording sessions for the “W kręgu Wieniawskiego. Edward Wolff” [In the Wieniawski’s Circle: Edward Wolff] album, Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio in Warsaw, December 2013 (photos by Karolina Filip)

Concert in Sokołów Podlaski, 8.05.2014

Concert in Węgrów, 16.05.2014

Concert in Zielonka, 18.06.2014

Concert in Mława, 6.06.2014

Concert in Płońsk, 7.06.2014

Concert in Grudziądz, 9.11.2014 (photos by Edyta Serocka/

Concert in Warsaw, 12.11.2014 (photos by Wanda Piłat)

Concert in Poznań, 15.11.2014

Concert in Warsaw, 23.11.2014 (photos by Karolina Filip)

Concerts in Szczecin, 28-29.11.2014