4th Piotr Janowski Violin Competition, December 13-14, 2013

December 15, 2013   |   PROJECTS, COMPETITIONS

Piotr once said that current music competitions are organized more for the jury rather than for participants… He was quite right. Fortunately, there are exceptions. The organizers of the Piotr Janowski Violin Competition, i.e. primarily Mr Leszek Orłowski, Principal of the State School of Music in Grudziądz, and Mr Piotr Jankowski, Head of the String Section, are indeed exceptional in this respect. They created a competition which I can truly say is completely honest, really cares about its participants and stands out for its perfect organization. This is an objective opinion of a professional musician. If I were to evaluate it perhaps a little more subjectively I would also point out its extremely friendly atmosphere, amazing hospitality and care provided by its hosts. I am glad that Piotr was chosen to be the patron of this competition.

The results of the last edition are long known, beautiful prizes were awarded. We will never forget the sparkling eyes and joyful faces of children receiving the awards. For those who did not succeed this time: we wish you best of luck next time. 50 young violinists! This ensures that the competition will continue to develop. We have major plans and many opportunities, so the chances for our plans to come true are big.

I would like to thank the organizers, the jury, the participants and their teachers. Also, a big thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

We hope to see you all in two years at the 5th INTERNATIONAL Piotr Janowski Violin Competition.

Joanna Maklakiewicz

Our Special Prize was awarded to Agata Misiak. Congratulations!

The Special Prize in this edition of the competition was the violin presented in the photographs above. We would like to thank Mr Jakubowski who donated this beautiful instrument to us.

General terms and conditions
The 4th Grudziądz Piotr Janowski Violin Competition

December 13-14, 2013

The competition will be held on 13 – 14 December, 2013 at Stanisław Moniuszko 1st & 2nd degree State Music School (PSM I i II stopnia im. Stanisława Moniuszki) in Grudziądz, 10 Armii Krajowej Str.
Tel: + 48 56 642 1888, Fax : +48 56 462 3632.

This is a one-round competition open to students of the 1st degree music schools.

Competitors will be divided into the following three age groups:

SECTION I : grades I -II

Repertoire for all sections:

1. Any movement of a concerto (I or III)
2. Any work with piano accompaniment (no separated movements of cyclic pieces are allowed, e.g. of a sonata).

The program must be performed from memory in an order of choice. Competitors come with their own piano accompanists.
The Jury will consist of members appointed by the Director of Centrum Edukacji Artystycznej (Artistic Education Center) in Warsaw.
A detailed schedule of the competition will be posted on the school website at: psmgrudziadz.edupage.org

A Competition Participant Fee of 100 PLN should be paid into a bank account of the school:
Rada Szkoły przy PSM I i II stopnia w Grudziądzu
78 1160 2202 0000 0000 9067 4030
with the following information regarding the purpose of payment:
„Grudziądzki Konkurs Skrzypcowy”

All applications must be sent by November 5, 2013. A copy of a document with competition participant fee payment confirmation must be sent together with a filled in application form. A participant fee is non-refundable.

Prizes to be awarded include:
Temporary use of master violin based on the rules set by Piotr Janowski Foundation in Warsaw;
Free of charge participation in Żychlin Master Classes on July 13-20, 2014, sponsored by
Prof. Marcin Baranowski, Poznań and Bydgoszcz Music Academies;
Tangible rewards.

The cost of travel, lodging and meals is covered by the participants.
Lodging details will be sent to schools upon the reception of applications.
The concerto finalists and award ceremony will be held on December 13 or 14, 2013.
In case of a limited number of participants the organizer may shorten the competition to one day.
A school can send an unlimited number of participants.
Prof. Marcin Baranowski will give a lecture, as part of the competition program, on the methods of proper violin practice.

For more information please contact the competition’s organizer:
Piotr Jankowski, tel: + 48 601 070 232